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Product #: BO-301

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B4C is an abrasive material with chemcial resistance and hardness similar to diamonds. Boron carbide is on the of the hardest man made materials available. With its strength to weight ratio and low thermal conductivity, Boron Carbide is ideal for a wide variety of applications including blasting nozzles, body armor, ceramic & metal-matrix composites,
aerospace applications, refractory anti-oxidant, lapping, honing stones, nuclear technology,
ultrasonic machining, and many others.

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1-2 LB $125.80
3-100 LB $94.35
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Product Notes

1/2 lb minimum order

Can ship UPS or FedEx

Standard packaging: 100 lb drums


Formula B4C 55.26
Purity 99.7
Particle Size 1500 Grit
ECCN 1C011.b
Schedule B 2849.90.1000
CAS CAS-12069-32-8
Melting Point 2350°C / 4262°F
Boiling Point 3500°C / 6332°F
Density 2.52
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure Rhombohedral
Electric Resistivity -
Composition C - 21.7, B - 78.3




Abrasives, Aerospace, Military, Defense, Nuclear, Grinding, Body Armor, Ceramics, Regractory, Metallurgical Refractory.

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