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Product #: CR-180

Product Description

Chromium is a steel grey, lustrous and hard metal, It is known for taking a high polish. Chromium is widley used as a catalyst, as well as an alloy and plating element. Chromium can also be used as a coating for stainless steels, as well as automotive equipment and accessories. What is chromium used for? It is added to steel to help harden the alloy. Chromium powder is available in powder form in 5 different sizes from stock. The main uses for chromium powder are electroplating, fuel, catalysts, alloys, and metal corrosion inhibitors.

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Product Notes

Sizes available: 57 mm diameter - 12 inch diameter, 1 mm - 0.8 inch thickness

OFHC copper backing plate, with either Indium Alloy Solder or Silver filled epoxy bonding

Method of production: HIP


Formula Cr
Purity 99.99% min
Particle Size 100 mm diameter x 6 mm thick
Schedule B 8112.29.0000
CAS 7440-47-3
Melting Point 1875°C / 3407°F
Boiling Point 2475°C / 4487°F
Density 7.19
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C 4.9 um/m*K
Crystal Structure Cubic, Body Centered
Electric Resitivity 125 nO·m
Composition 99.99% Pure Chromium Sputtering Targets


Sputtering Target


Aerospace, Alloys, Ceramic Material, Electronics, Nuclear

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