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Product #: CU-101

Product Description

CU 101 is a cubic face-centered water atomized powder. It is highly thermal and electrically conductive. Copper powder can be used in the manufacture of electrical contacts, sintered magmets, carbon brushes, friction mateirals, for bonding diamonds and in the matrix for abrasive wheels. It can also be used in pastes, rubber compounding, as a filler in plastics, in cements, in pyrotechnics, and Thin and thick films
Copper powder is used in friction materials, alloys, and in the electrical industry. Cu is insoluble in water.

Product Cost

Quantities May be Limited
Quantity (LB) Price
1-2 LB $41.72
3-10 LB $31.29
11-25 LB $29.20
26-100 LB $28.37
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions

Product Notes

1/2 lb minimum order

Can ship by UPS or FedEx

Standard packaging, 50 lb, 100 lb pails


Formula Cu
Purity 99.9%
Particle Size 1-5 micron APS
Schedule B 7406.20.0000
CAS CAS-7440-50-8
Melting Point 1083°C / 1981.4°F
Boiling Point 2595°C / 4703°F
Density 2.33 g/cm3
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C 16.5um/m*K
Crystal Structure Cubic, face-centered
Electric Resistivity 16.78 nO·m
Composition 99.9% Pure Copper Flake Powder




Electronics, Magnets, Friction Materials, Abrasives Wheels, Brazing Pastes, Rubber Compounds, Plastics

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