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Product #: HF-701

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Hafnium Silicide (HfSi2) is widely used as a high temperature, anit-oxidation coating, in metal ceramics, in high temperature structure materials and aerospace industries. It is dark gray, odorless, and insoluble in water.

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Standard packagiing: 50 gram, 100 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg bottles


Formula HfSi2 234.66
Purity 99.8
Particle Size -325 Mesh
ECCN 1C231
Schedule B 8112.92.0600
CAS CAS-12401-56-8
Melting Point 1680°C / 3056°F
Boiling Point -
Density 8.02 g/cm3
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic
Electric Resitivity -
Composition Hf: 76.06%, Si: 23.94%




Thin Film Deposition, Optical Coatings, Semiconductor Fillms, Ceramics, Aerospace

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