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Product #: MIL-B-550A

Product Description

MIL-B-550A, Yellow Powder

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Product Notes

Barium Chromate is used in anti-corrosive agent and is a pigment used by the paint industry. It is used in ignition control devices, safety matches and special pyrotechnic composition by the ordnance industry. It can be used as a coloring agent by the ceramic industry.


Formula BaCrO4 253.32
Purity 98.5
Particle Size 1 micron APS
Schedule B 2841.50.9100
CAS 10294-40-3
Melting Point -
Boiling Point -
Density 0.40 g/cm3
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure -
Electric Resitivity -
Composition -




Anti-corrosive agent, pigment for paints, used in ignition control devices, safety matches and specialty pyrotechnic compositions

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