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Product #: SE-601

Product Description

Selendium Dioxide has the appearance of white crystals, that turn slightly pink.

Product Cost

Quantity (LB) Price
1-2 LB $148.19
3-10 LB $111.14
11-25 LB $103.73
26-100 LB $100.77
Note: Prices are subject to change without notice due to market conditions

Product Notes

Selenium dioxide is used in the production of manganese, and the galvanic industry. It creates a reddish color in glass, and is used as a tonor in photographic developing. SeO2 is an agent in the process of "Blueing" steel, when it is heated until it gives a blue-grey sheen that protects steel from rusting.


Formula SeO2 110.96
Purity 99.9
Particle Size white crystals
Schedule B 2811.29.9000
CAS CAS-7446-08-4
Melting Point 340°C / 644°F
Boiling Point 350°C / 662°F
Density 1.5-2.2 g/cm3
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure tetragonal crystals
Electric Resitivity -
Composition Se - 71.16, O - 28.84


Crystalline Powder


Chemical Reactions, Paint, Pigments, Inks, Colorants, Electroplating

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