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Product #: TA-071

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tantalum metal powder, spherical

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Product Notes

Tantalum has a high boiling point, excellent resistance to corrosion, low co-efficient of thermal expansion and high co-efficient of capacitance, which has been used in electronic industries. AEE spherical Ta powder is made for 3d printing, as it has high purity, uniform particle size, complete surface structure, easy dispersion, large specific surface area and high surface activity.


Formula -
Purity 99.9
Particle Size <10 microns
Schedule B 8103.20.0030
CAS 7440-25-7
Melting Point 2996°C / 5424.8°F
Boiling Point 5425°C / 9797°F
Density 3.5-7.0 g/cm3
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure spherical
Electric Resitivity -
Composition -




additive manufacturing powder

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