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Product #: TI-156

Product Description

TI 256 tablets are produced from fine titanium alloy particles. They dissolve rapidly in aluminum at 1360 degrees F. The size of each tablet is approximately 3" diameter x 1.9" thick. The gross weight of 1 tablet is ~1.2 lbs. with 1 lb. titanium contained. The manufacturing process is tightly controlled to provide a uniform / quality product. It is packed to reduce the generation of fines, and limit potential moisture exposure.

Product Cost

Quantity (LB) Price
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Product Notes

Packaging: 5 tablets per unit, 10 units per box

Hazmat Disclaimer is required, End-use statement is required

1 unit (5 tablets x 1.2 lbs. ~6 lbs.) minimum


Formula Ti6Al4V
Purity -
Particle Size 3" dia x 1.9" thick
Schedule B 8108.90.8000
CAS Ti- 7440-32-6, Al- 7429-90-5, V-7440-62-2
Melting Point -
Boiling Point -
Density -
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure -
Electric Resitivity -
Composition Ti 6Al 4V




Compressor Blades, Discs, Rings for jet engines, Aerospace components, Pressure vessels, Rotor hubs, High strength forgings

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