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Product #: VA-103-S

Product Description

VA 103 S is a dark gray powder, spherical in shape, and free flowing. Vanadium powder can increase the hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance of alloys. It is electrically conductive, and thermally insulating, as well as ductile, malleable (but not brittle). Vanadium is harder than most metals and steels.

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Product Notes

500 gram minimum order

Can ship by UPS or FedEx

Standard Packaging: 500 gram, 1 kg


Formula V: 50.942
Purity 99.8% min
Particle Size 150 - 50 microns
Schedule B 8112.92.0600
CAS CAS-7440-62-2
Melting Point 1910°C / 3470°F
Boiling Point 3407°C / 6164.6°F
Density 6.11
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C 8.4 µm/m.k
Crystal Structure Cubic, body-centered
Electric Resitivity 197 nO·m
Composition 99.9% Pure Spherical Vanadium Powder




3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing, superconducting materials, alloys, fuel cell, solar, metallurgical, CVD, PVD, sputtering targets

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