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Product #: ZN-131

Product Description

Zinc is a dark gray metal powder widely used in the metallurgical and battery industries. Zinc powder is used in paint and coatings to impart corrosion inhibiting properties. They are almost insoluble in water, so they can also be used on offshore rigs and ships / vessels.

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1-2 LB $14.18
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11-25 LB $9.93
26-100 LB $9.64
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Product Notes

2 lb minimum order

Must ship by FedEx or LTL

Standard Packaging: 50 lb pails


Formula 30 Zn 65.39
Purity 99.9% min
Particle Size 1/2" x Down
Schedule B 7904.00.0000
CAS CAS-7440-66-6
Melting Point 419.5°C / 787.1°F
Boiling Point 907°C / 1664.6°F
Density 7.133
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C 30.2um/m-k
Crystal Structure Hexagonal, close-packed
Electric Resistivity 59.0 nO·m
Composition 99.9% Pure Zinc Shot




Alloys, Catalyst

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