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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the physical properties of aluminum powder?

Aluminum powder varies in color from dark gray to metallic silver. In addition, aluminum powder can take on many different shapes and sizes. The four basic types of aluminum powder products are atomized aluminum powder, aluminum flake powder, aluminum paste, and aluminum granules. The atomized aluminum powder comes in four size groups: coarse, fine, super fine, and dust. These particles are much smaller than those of aluminum flake powder and are granular or spherical in shape. Aluminum flake powder consists of scaly pieces in small, flattened particles. The aluminum paste consists of a liquid component combined with aluminum flake particles, which can be altered to have a specific shape and size. Lastly, aluminum granules are larger than 1.0mm and can be spherical, oval, drop-like, disc-shaped, needle, or irregular in shape.

Q: How do you manufacture aluminum powder?

Most aluminum powders are produced by a process called gas atomization. In this process, molten aluminum metal is sprayed through a compressed gas jet, converting the aluminum into fine droplets. These droplets are then solidified and put through a sieve to create different grades for a range of applications. As technology evolves, new production methods for aluminum powder are developed. Some of these are dry grinding, granulation, centrifugal atomization, the disintegration of solid metal, and lumping of fine foil scrap.

Q: What are the primary uses of aluminum powder?

Aluminum powder has a wide range of industrial applications, such as mining and drilling explosives, additive manufacturing, rocket propulsion, and many more. Aluminum powder is often used in the chemical industry when a reaction or an electrical current is needed, and it also has various military and defense applications when creating explosives.

Q: Is aluminum powder toxic?

Exposure to aluminum powder is not usually harmful, but exposure to high levels can impact your health. Breathing in large amounts of aluminum dust can cause lung problems, and frequent skin contact can irritate. It’s essential always to follow proper safety precautions when working with aluminum powders of any form.

Please read the complete SDS for each product before use.

Q: Can aluminum powder explode?

Because aluminum powder is the result of an exothermic reaction, the powder that is formed gives off large amounts of energy, making it especially useful in explosives. The hazardous nature of aluminum powder products illustrates the necessity of proper handling, storage, and usage.

Please read the complete SDS for each product before use.

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