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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key properties of cobalt metal powder?

Cobalt (Co) is a metal renowned for its hardness, brittleness, and striking and unique silver-blue color. Cobalt has a high melting point and boiling point. It is also strong and highly resistant to corrosion. 

Cobalt is ferromagnetic—that is, it possesses a high susceptibility to magnetization—up to 2050°F (1121°C). It has a hexagonal, close-packed crystal structure at temperatures up to 783°F (417°C).

Cobalt carries an atomic number of 27.

Q: What are the applications of cobalt powders?

Cobalt powders are primarily used in the creation of metal alloys and superalloys, combining cobalt with other metals (commonly nickel and aluminum) and which have wide-ranging uses across many industries. These superalloys play a key role in manufacturing products such as jet engines and combustion chambers due to their ability to withstand tremendously high temperatures and stress levels. 

Cobalt powder is also widely utilized in manufacturing lithium-ion batteries, in which it is commonly used as a cathode material.

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