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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does mil-spec mean?

US Defense Standards is an umbrella term for several types of documents developed in conjunction with the DoD- defense handbook, defense specification, defense standard, performance specification, and detail specification. Mil-spec materials would be considered defense specifications. As noted above, mil-spec is informal shorthand for noting that a product meets a military standard of regulation. The DoD defines defense specification as “a document that describes the essential technical requirements for military-unique materiel or substantially modified commercial items. MIL-STD-961 covers the content and format for defense specifications.” Note that the term materiel refers to supplies and equipment in military supply-chain management. Materiel is often held in non-climate-controlled warehouses in various conditions. Therefore, the products and their packaging must follow strict guidelines to ensure safety and maintain optimal performance capabilities.

Q: How many military specifications are there?

The Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST) database catalogs all approved defense and federal standardization documents, adopted non-government standards (NGS), and US ratified materiel International Standardization Agreements (ISAs). There are over 100,000 technical documents indexed in the ASSIST document database, this includes international standardization agreements, such as NATO standards for international applications.

Q: Where can I find mil-spec documents?

The website for the Defense Standardization Program (DSP) outlines the different types of specifications and standards used by the DoD. The official source for specifications and standards used by the DOD is the ASSIST database. It is the most up-to-date and frequently monitored resource for this information. Atlantic Equipment Engineers is also a reliable source for original mil-spec documents; please reach out to a member of our team to learn more.

Q: How do I choose a material that complies with military specifications?

When choosing a mil-spec material for production, it is imperative that you carefully and thoroughly conduct research to understand all of the necessary performance characteristics the product must-have. There are many factors that go into mil-spec compliance for any single item, so it’s paramount that you work with a supplier that is well versed in the subject. Once the desired performance characteristics have been established, the team of Atlantic Equipment Engineers can help you decide the most suitable option for your product and budget- advising on the best materials to use for any outcome and design.

Q: How do I choose a suitable mil-spec supplier?

Any product being used in the military and/or defense industries must adhere to stringent manufacturing protocols to ensure consistent outcomes. A reliable supplier will have experience in developing mil-spec products and will know exactly how to handle all of your inquiries and requests. In addition to experience, a reliable supplier will have the proper facilities required to produce your order to the mil-spec standard. The supplier should also have familiarity with the nature of mil-spec documents in order to complete the exhaustive research necessary to ensure the final products meet the mil-spec standard.

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