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Q: How much niobium is there in the world, and where is niobium found?

Niobium is a relatively rare element, but it is more abundant than many other valuable metals. The global reserves of niobium are estimated to be around 12 million metric tons. 

The majority of these reserves are found in a few key locations, with Brazil holding about 90% of the world’s niobium resources, particularly in its Araxá and Catalão regions. The country dominates the global niobium market due to these extensive and high-quality deposits.

Canada also has notable niobium deposits, especially in the carbonatite deposits at the Niobec mine in Quebec. This mine is one of the world’s primary producers of niobium outside of Brazil.

The global production of niobium, primarily in the form of ferroniobium (an alloy of niobium and iron), is approximately 70,000 metric tons per year. Due to the concentration of niobium resources in Brazil and its relative scarcity throughout the rest of the world, there is some concern about supply security. However, stable production systems and strong trade relationships have helped maintain a reliable supply chain.

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