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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you manufacture tungsten powder?

The manufacture of tungsten powder is a crucial step in tungsten metal, and alloy production since its properties significantly affect the properties in later operations, like sintering, pressing, and metalworking. Over 70% of tungsten throughout the world is produced via powder metallurgy. Each powder grade is made specifically for its later applications, and adherence to those stringent and exacting demands is a large part of the Atlantic Equipment fulfillment process. All tungsten powder is characterized by purity, particle size, size distribution, shape, and technological properties, which are influenced by the production process, and can be controlled mainly by the parameters applied during that process. Most of the tungsten powder produced today is accomplished by the hydrogen reduction of high-purity tungsten oxides. These oxides are placed in pusher furnaces, where the oxide powder is placed in boats which then pass through the furnace. This process offers the possibility to produce tungsten powder of almost any average grain size when the parameters of the components are altered.

Q: Will tungsten rust?

The term “rust” refers only to the chemicals that are produced when iron reacts with oxygen and water. Because pure tungsten powder contains no iron, rust is not able to develop. However, oxidation of tungsten powder can occur at varying oxygen temperatures and oxygen pressures in relation to the particle size. It is important to note that very finely divided tungsten powder is extremely flammable and can combust spontaneously upon exposure to air.

Q: Where is tungsten found?

Tungsten does not occur as a native metal. It is extracted as tungsten oxide from the minerals scheelite and wolframite. The tungsten oxides are then ground into small particles and heated with either carbon or hydrogen gas to form powder tungsten metal. The world has many tungsten reserves, mainly located in China, Vietnam, and Russia, with China being the leader in production, export, and consumption.

Q: How long does tungsten last?

Since pure tungsten is the strongest metal that can also withstand extreme temperatures, it can last indefinitely. However, pure tungsten is also highly brittle due to its extreme hardness. Making it more suitable for long-term use when alloyed with other metals.

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