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Product #: TI-502

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Titanium Nitride is a very hard ceramic material that is used as a coating to harden and protect its surfaces. It is often called a "Barrier Metal". A thin film of TiN was chilled to absolute zero, converting it into the first superinsulator. It adds corrosion resistance to dirll bits, and adds a gold color to costume jewelry. It is forms a protective coating on sliding / moving parts in medical devices as well as firearms. TiN thin films are used in microelectronics as a conductive connection between the device and the metal connectors.

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Product Notes

100 gram minimum order

Can ship by UPS or FedEx

Standard Packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg bottles


Formula TiN: 61.89 g/mol
Purity 99+
Particle Size 1-5 Micron
Schedule B 2850.00.0000
CAS CAS-25583-20-4
Melting Point 2950°C / 5342°F
Boiling Point -
Density 5.22
Coef. of Expansion @ 20°C -
Crystal Structure Face-centered cubic
Electric Resistivity 25 µO·cm
Composition Ti: 77.37%, N: 22.63%




Ceramic Materials, Coating, Alloys

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