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Beyond ISO 9001 - The Quality Culture of Atlantic Equipment Engineers

By AEEnginers Staff

We are the next ISO9001 Powerhouse

At AEE we are ISO9001certified, and we have been for years. Even before attaining this international standard, quality was an important part of our culture. It’s imperative that we ensure the quality of the materials we provide. After all, these materials are used for sensitive high tech products and calculated chemical reactions. When a customer orders a metal powder, compound or fabricated part from us, they need to be able to trust that they’re getting exactly what they need.

Ensuring the quality of our products formed the bedrock of what would come to be a thorough quality system, one that guarantees not just product quality, but service quality as well.
We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. That means being responsive and knowledgeable. When a customer calls AEE, they can be confident that someone will answer almost immediately. From there, we work hard to get them answers to their questions and the materials they need.

This focus on quality also results in cost savings for us and for our customers. It’s akin to the story of the carpenter who measures twice, and cuts once. By listening carefully to our customers and double checking our work we make sure to get orders right the first time, ensuring that our customers won’t face delays and that we won’t waste money redoing incorrect orders.

When you’re a unique source of mil spec materials, electronic coating materials, rare earths and other metal powders, the task of ensuring quality is ever growing. Achieving ISO9001 certification and then building on that foundation has allowed us to create a quality system that is a source of pride for everyone in our company.

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