Custom Alloys- Technology Taking Form

By AEEnginers Staff

Custom Alloys — Technology Taking Form

Technology is moving at a faster pace than ever before. As new and better devices come to market, new and better materials are created to serve as the building blocks of this technological renaissance. Here at Atlantic Equipment Engineers, we’re a unique source of specialty metal alloys and metal powders, with 60 years of experience providing custom alloys to support unique applications.

Our process starts when we receive material performance requirements from our customers. In order to control quality, we utilize only materials that are manufactured on site. The process of fulfilling the performance requirements involves working through numerous material combinations, and sometimes leads to the creation of materials that have never before been manufactured. Depending on their physical characteristics, these custom alloy powders can be manufactured into various forms, including rods, tubes, plates, fasteners, targets, crucibles and even evaporation pellets and pieces.

Custom alloys are used in a variety of industries including fiber optics, aerospace, automotive and fuel cell manufacturing, but they play a particularly important role in the development of optical coatings. When it comes to advanced military optical devices, such as night vision equipment, much of the device performance is dependent on the coated lens. These lenses are coated with exotic materials that have been crafted for the task. Advanced optical coatings come into play in various other high end optical devices as well, such as microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. Often, the coatings are applied through vapor deposition in order to achieve a consistent, chemically perfect coating.

Our custom alloy manufacturing capabilities are based on the most recent advances in modern material science, and the alloys we create are used to fuel the next wave of technological advances.

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